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March 31, 2016

For the love of books

On Monday,  all of our kids had to work and so I decided that it would be fun to take M's son on a tour of all the best bookstores in our city, because he absolutely LOVES books. We are kindred spirits in that way. I recently bought this:

Notice the "not really" at the bottom. ; )

According to Google, we had already, accidentally, taken him to 3 of the best bookstores out of 10. So, I made it my goal to hit 3 more! 

J is one of my favorite bookworms. He has a wish list of 110 books he wants to buy and those books are categorized! He even has a favorite publishing house! 
We disagree on one thing. I'm a big fan of the library and reading books for FREE but he doesn't care for the library because he wants to OWN ALL THE BOOKS he reads and fill his room with them. (I love him!) 

          This store was just darling! It sold new books and carried half of the ones on his wish list! 

This store sold mostly used books. When you walk in, the comforting smell of old books hits you.

We love these editions of the classics

The one we visited last, wins the award for most passionate staff! 

 When J bought a book, she asked him why he wanted to buy it. : ) -The homeschool mom in me loved that!
If you bring back the books you buy here, you get store credit for your next purchase.  And if you buy anything from one of their neighboring stores, you can bring in your receipt and get half off your first book! Super cool! This store was his favorite!

I might have had as much if not more fun than he did that day! : ) 

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