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May 5, 2015

Peach pie making day

Who knew peaches even grow in Florida?
But, thanks to my homeschooling friends on Facebook, I found out that there was peach orchard open for u-picking and since we missed picking strawberries this year, we had to do it! : )

We took a break from school and hit the road. The weather was perfect and the orchard was gorgeous!

And it totally beats strawberry picking because there is no need to bend over and it is SHADY!

-Andrew enjoyed the picking, just not all the picture TAKING. ; )

We had the best time!

which is what I will have to remember about this event BECAUSE the owner of the orchard told us to leave the peaches on the counter for a few days to let them ripen...
And guess what happens to peaches left for 3 days on the counter???
They get moldy! Boo-hoo!
So, after all that, we've only got enough for a few smoothies and ONE pie.
Oh well!

A least a great time was had by all!

EDITED TO NOTE:  Speaking of that peach pie, we are going to CELEBRATE that Hubby is off  any and all pain medication now! 
Whoo-hoo! He isn't by any means pain free, but he is finally really feeling strength return to his body! Now that is something to celebrate! PTL! 

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