"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 15, 2015

As the bumper sticker says, "Cancer sucks"

My hubby had blood tests and a CAT scan today.
This meant that we were at the cancer hospital for 6 hours.
Having not been there in a couple of months, I forgot how emotionally draining it is to be there.
Because it isn't just dealing with what you hope the outcome for your loved one's tests are, but it is also hearing what is going on in the lives of all those around.
Y'all, it can be depressing in a hurry.

A woman next to me survived having several brain tumors and now has stage 4 lung cancer.
The woman across from her, had colon cancer and has an 86% chance that it will never come back but has decided to do chemo so that the percentage will be higher. (I felt like saying 'don't do it!')
We heard a man in the hallway saying that the person he was with had esophageal cancer that was spreading but it wasn't in the liver. He was very excited.
We shared a table with a colon cancer survivor, who was having his 6 month check up.
A woman asked which one of us had cancer. (I told Hubby he must be looking A LOT better then!)
She has severe acid reflux and wanted to hear all about how that caused Hubby to get esophageal cancer. (his was latent unlike hers) Hubby encouraged her to 'keep on top of it.' She seemed to feel very impacted by the conversation and said she was sure they had not met by accident.
Then when we got home, we found out that a dear, young friend's mom has cancer and another dear friend of ours was being tested for it today. : (
It was a lot to take in.

Hubby's tests all came back clear and that all is well!!!
I highly doubt that the surgeon is a Christ-follower, but he preached us a great sermon today, anyway and it could have been right out of Matthew 6. ("Therefore, do not worry about your life...")
You see there was one little thing the tests showed that MIGHT be cause for concern in the future or it might be nothing at all. And this dear man told us that we should never give it another thought. Not EVER.
Because there is NOT one thing that worrying can do to help or change the situation. 'It is what it is.'
It was like God was speaking through him (minus the expletives he used for emphasis- LOL) to remind us of this truth.

All the kids were home when we got back, which is a rare thing these days. We did some 'going down memory lane' about this cancer journey and then we did some celebrating. It feels like we really do have our lives back now.

Praying that God be very near to the hurting that we crossed paths with today.

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