"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 5, 2015

Party planning and plumbing

Our kids are giving a party for one of their friends this weekend.
This friend has never been thrown a party before and Joy has been so excited to make this happen. -Love her heart for others!
 Zac is on spring break and he and Hubby got involved in the party plans today and now the night is going to include some epic game of dodge ball. ;)
( -Funny, how there seems to have been a party to give at all the hard parts of this healing journey. At least the planning always succeeds in getting our minds off of what we are going through and focused on others. Maybe I should write a book someday on the therapy of party throwing  LOL)
So, it has been a full week of school, cleaning and yard work and...more yard work.
Then, I played plumber and made things WAY more exciting by dropping the lid of the tank of the toilet, inside the tank and cracked it. This caused water to pour out all over the boys' bathroom floor. Ugh! For about thirty seconds, I thought Zac and I could run to Home Depot and fix it ourselves without bothering my Hubby. (how funny is that?!)
But, our dear friend, Carlos, heard about it (knew Zac and I were in WAY over our heads) and insisted on coming over to install the new tank. Such a sweet friend! Love him!
A few more errands...and then we will be ready to celebrate a sweet girl's 20th!

And then...spring break! Yahoo!!!!


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