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March 12, 2015

Best hospital trip ever!

Yesterday, we got to the (heart) hospital at 7:00 AM for the cardioversion and found out that they didn't have any of the paperwork with approvals by doctors or the insurance company even STARTED yet.
So, we were in for a LONG wait, as in 3 1/2 hours long...

But, one of the dear pastors from our church, and his wife had come to sit with me during the procedure and the 4 of us ended up having such fun in the waiting area that the time passed pretty quickly.
 (they visited us so many times during Hubby's other hospital stays and came to the other two surgeries. Love them!)

Eventually, they took us back to a room, had Hubby put on a gown and then they took his heart rate. It was only 67!
 (the day before it had been 101) The sweet nurses thought that was pretty strange and then they did an EKG and said that his heart was in perfect rhythm! PTL!
Then they had someone else come in and do another EKG, and still perfect!
Those sweet nurses were so confused!
I said it was all the prayers that people had been praying for Hubby and one of them agreed. But they joked that it was the 3 hour wait in the lobby that had fixed everything. -Not!
Then they had to text the doctor...
A few minutes later, we were free to go.
Whoo-hoo! Thank you, Jesus!
From there Hubby decided to DRIVE me home. -He hasn't had the strength to drive in months!
He is feeling better and it is glorious!
Thank you, Jesus!


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