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August 29, 2014

Crazy week Part 1

Here we are at the home restoration we did last weekend!
It was a blast!!! All these sweet volunteers came out and worked so hard in and around this small house without any A/C
in August.
God bless them!

 Pretty landscaping in front, tree trimming in front and back yards, painting the whole interior of the house, fence fixing, microwave installing, new doors for all the rooms, bi-fold doors for all the closets, light fixtures...you name it and they did it! My hubby did an excellent job of running the project and keeping us all focused.

On Monday, Andrew finally came home from his trip to CA to see his best friend. The poor guy had about 6 hours of delays but finally made it home late that night. I've decided that no one needs to go anywhere for 10 days, its way too long. ; ) We missed him too much! I'm so glad that he spent some time with his brother, his grandparents and his aunt while there! What a blessing! 

Tuesday, I worked at a voting poll for the primary election. Last time I worked at a poll it was the Presidential Election of 2012 and that was intense! We had poll watchers, grumpy voters and long, long lines. This election was really relaxed! The other inspectors were a sweet but rowdy bunch of retirees, lets put it that way. One was a 68 year old woman who could moon walk and did. They teased me all day long because I sat behind the sign for the line that said 'H-O 'of the alphabet. Oh my stars, did they ever get a kick out of that. They want me to work with them at this poll again in November and they planned a potluck lunch. I said only if I get to work the  'A-G' line. LOL 

Wednesday, my sweet hubby had ANOTHER endoscopy scheduled. By now, he knows what he is in for and how long his throat will hurt afterwards, so before he went he wanted to play the song Hello Hurricane. He's declared that song from Switchfoot (his favorite band) our theme song during this trial. Zac wasn't back from work yet, so they didn't have a drummer and our keyboardist lives in CA now. But Andrew did a great job on guitar and had the rare privilege of getting to play Dad's Martin. (years ago, the kids nicknamed the guitar 'Dad's 5th child' because he loves it so) Joy harmonized with Dad during the song, (a first) and it was beautiful. A very fun thing to do before an endoscopy if you have to have one. ; ) 
Moffit Cancer Center is sooo nice. No wheelchairs were hijacked and taken two blocks after this endoscopy. They have valet parking! 


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