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August 14, 2014

An exciting week

Tuesday night some of the kids in the youth worship band had the opportunity to be apart of a wedding proposal!!!!
It was THE sweetest thing ever.
Our youth worship leader had an elaborate plan to get his girlfriend to the building after she got off a plane from a missions trip. About a hundred of us were invited to watch, while waiting in the dark for her to arrive, lest we blow the surprise.
It ended up taking longer for to arrive than anyone expected and Andrew, who was on bass and his friend on drums, ended up entertaining the crowd with some impromptu jazz. Very cool! He's gotten so good at bass even though his instrument of choice is electric guitar!
I'm pretty sure if it had taken much longer for her to arrive, all of us females in the room would have had some kind of anxiety attack, we were all sooo nervous. LOL
Since it was on a night when the band usually practices, things looked normal and then he jumped out from behind a curtain and sang her the song he wrote about her while the band played along.
(such a catchy song too!)

Then he brought her up on stage....

and proposed!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!

And she said 'yes'!!!
 It was beautiful!
The teen girls around me all said that he had really "raised the bar" as far as proposals go! And one said she wasn't going to say yes to anyone who hadn't written a song about her! Too cute!

Here is the band with the happy couple.
 (our cute guy is wearing the tie)

Such a beautiful night!

Joy is going to make these for their engagement party this weekend:

To add to the excitement, Andrew got on a plane this morning to go and visit his best friend in CA!!! What a fun way to end the summer! He also can't wait to see his brother, who we've been missing so much during this time! 

And Wednesday,

we found out that our oldest son, Zac, got accepted into the business school at Arizona State University!!!!!
He's taking advantage of The Starbucks College Achievement Plan. 
We are so proud of him! 
God truly answered his prayer to finish his college education and remain debt free. PTL!!! Amazing! 

We needed some good news around here and we got it! : ) 

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