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November 26, 2013

The crazy upcoming fun of the birthday season with a couple holidays thrown in

Thanksgiving preparations start tomorrow. Whoo-hoo! Love this holiday!
 And Christmas around here starts on Friday! So, it will be a Christmas tree buying-decorating-light hanging-egg nog-drinking-kind of weekend! Can't wait!

This will be the first of many years to come, I'm sure, that one of our kids isn't home for a holiday. (boo-hoo) I know that I will miss Nathan like crazy, but I am so happy that he is living in California, where we have so many sweet family members that he can visit for holidays. It does this mom's heart good to know that he'll be with my mom and dad! : )

Next week my hubby is going to Colorado so that he and his dad can spend their birthdays together over the weekend. I'm soooo happy for them both. They haven't seen each other in 3 years!

A few days later, two of our kiddos are going to California to see one of their best friends for his birthday and also Nathan, who is having a birthday. Yay!
While they are there, my dad will have a birthday and they are going to get to celebrate with him too. Fun, fun, fun. -If they were taking more than just carry-on luggage, I'd totally be trying to figure out how to stow away with them!!!! ; ) Oh my word, are they going to have fun!

-Typing this sounds a little crazy. We really don't normally fly around the country for people's birthdays, trust me! lol

Everyone will be back in the middle of December and then a week and a half later, it will be Christmas Eve, and Nathan will fly home!
You can bet this mom will be a hot mess at the airport! Look out! : )
It is sure to be the best Christmas Eve ever!

Let the holidays begin!
What a tremendous blessing we have in our family and our dear friends!

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