"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 19, 2013

One big weekend

I've decided that a sign of a fun weekend,
is a messy-Monday-morning house... and that is what we had!

Friday night, Joy baked for a ladies event and she recruited me to bake a couple hundred of these German chocolate cookies. We were baking and serving for 6 fun hours with some sweet ladies!
She made a huge amount of these cookie dough pretzel bites. Yum! She also took lil smokies and wrapped them in bacon and sprinkled them in brown sugar and cooked them. They were yummy, but what isn't yummy when wrapped in bacon?
The woman in charge of the food made a pumpkin bread pudding. Y'all, that bread pudding was to die for. I don't know the measurements and it probably doesn't matter because she was cooking for 200,
but here's what she did:
She cut Hawaiian Rolls into cubes, then she mixed up a can of pumpkin, half and half and melted pumpkin ice cream and poured it over the bread and baked it for 45 minutes. But wait, there's more: when they came out of the oven, she put a mixture of butterscotch topping and rum flavoring and drizzled it over the top. YUMMMM!!!! I may have to add this to our Thanksgiving menu!
All these goodies were for a fun event called the Swapportunity, an event where ladies from our church brought their gently used clothes, jewelry and shoes to swap with each other... The organization team sorted all the items while the ladies ate. They were given numbers and then told when they could go to the various rooms to 'shop'. Such a fun idea.

Saturday, my hubby sweetly worked on the Honey Do list that he had me make.
 This will also be remembered as the day that my hubby found out I ruined the whole house. LOL
 Otherwise know as the day he found out that I painted our hallway cupboards with watered down paint!!! -How does that happen??? Painters can't live with bad paint jobs, I found out. He was so cute saying "I can't believe this happened in MY house!" So, we each had a power sander and we went at those hallway cupboards for a good hour while paint flakes flew everywhere... Ugh!!! Boy, was I ever sorry for my sorry paint job! I think I ought to leave all future painting to him. : )

After the paint agony, it was time for a date night! We had a Groupon for a BBQ place on the water. It turned out to be a really cool outdoor restaurant on a lake. (which I would never want to go to in the summer in FL, amen!) But the weather was cool, the view was beautiful and the food was really good.
And then the sun went down and the mosquitoes decided that I was dinner..

Sunday, we had a guest speaker. John Bevere, who comes to our church once a year! He spoke from this book, which was awesomely insightful. That night, the whole service was praise and worship and it was so powerful and wonderful!

Monday morning I went back to church, to celebrate a life well lived! One of the men of our church died of cancer. He was a dear brother with a powerful testimony of a redeemed life! He genuinely cared for everyone he came in contact with and you could feel it. He will be missed by people of all ages. He taught a Wednesday night class for junior high boys, and I sat in front of two of them at the funeral, who were silently crying their eyes out. There really wasn't a dry eye in the house, even though we know he's with Jesus now. He will always be remembered for his BIG smile and the tray of impanadas he made and brought to every VBS to bless all the workers. : )


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