"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 10, 2013

The blahs and the blessings

It is a 'blah' day in my world,
quite literally speaking, because I have some kind of a stomach virus!
And it apparently isn't the 24 hour kind either. Ugh!

It is the kind of day that blessing counting needs to happen lest the 'blahs' swallow me up.

~Instead of thinking about all the Zip-lock bags that have become water balloons and my mixing bowl that headed out the door,
I'm thankful for a water fight among siblings who have the best of times together

~Instead of seeing the messes around the house that four healthy teenagers don't seem to notice or clean,
 I'm thankful for the flowers my hubby brought me that brighten any messes

~Instead of wondering what's for dinner,
I'm thankful for my amazing man, who saw the empty fridge and did the grocery shopping for us before going to work this morning, at an hour when I've never darkened the door of a supermarket

~Instead of freaking out that it sounds like my boys are crashing a wedding,
I'm thankful for the godly friends they choose to hang out with.

~Instead of getting frustrated that I'm in bed and not better yet,
I'm thankful for the sweet girl who wants to risk some germs and watch chick flicks with me

Hope your blahs turn into blessings too.


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