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May 20, 2013

Graduations galore

Lots of high school graduations are happening around here!

So, Friday night when all the guys were gone, Joy and I got crafty

 with all these yummy things...

And we made graduation pops! : )

Don't you LOVE when something you see on Pinterest actually works!? : ) I wanted to throw a party just because they didn't melt in this FL heat and slide off the sticks.

These were for Zac's girlfriend's surprise party. We are planning to make them again for some more sweet graduates in our lives.
Here's the link if you want to give them a try for some graduates in your life.
-Note to self, don't use Hersheys with almonds. The nuts will make your hats bumpy and you will have to eat them. Oh rats! ; ) 

The sign behind these was a cute idea too. It said things like 'now that you've graduated it is time to Take 5 (with the candy bar taped in that spot) and 'Enjoy the summer and have Mounds of fun' etc... It was a huge poster and had about every kind of candy bar you can think of. Sooo creative!

Six more days until our second one graduates from high school...

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