"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 24, 2012

Some scenes from the season


Our nightly Advent time. We've been using it to pray for the persecuted church and then we started listening to Glen Beck's Christmas Sweater

The tree!
Here's Bree, bless her heart! 
Bree was spayed this week and is wearing the 'cone of shame' quite well. She has no problem plowing into our bare legs with it while we are eating at the table or just hitting us with it randomly. I think she wants us to remember that it is our fault she's wearing it. ; )  She's taken to running along our chain link fence and banging the side of it on the fence which reminds me of a doggie version of Huck Finn with a stick on a picket fence. ; )
The happy new violinist
We were given tickets for a night out at the zoo's Wild Wonderland Nights.

It was a warm night and I was starting to feel very sorry for the penguins until I read this:
I guess they must feel right at home here.
It rained on us while looking at the reindeer! : )
Stingray petting!
Loved seeing these up close:

The weather! We finally got a cold spell here in FL. Here's the 'show' from Netflix that the kids put on to warm up. ; )
Maybe it was the power of suggestion but we did feel warmer! LOL 
On one of the coldest nights of the year, we helped out at an outreach our church does every year. Free gift wrapping at the mall. Absolutely FREE. Just a way to bless our community and a chance to invite people to our Christmas Eve church service. I literally HAD to run into one of the department stores and buy mittens which were thankfully on clearance. (yahoo!) When it is 40 degrees out, we Floridians think we might die! : )

If you need a new recipe these are the best Christmas cookies ever! I made some last night for us and our neighbors but unless I make another batch the neighbor's are going to be out of luck. They were THAT good. LOL
Thanks for sharing, Julie!

We enjoyed a fun family shopping trip here:
thanks to a gift card for us all from my parents. The girls actually beat the boys in choosing our items first. Surely a Christmas miracle when you consider that we had to try on things and they didn't! ; )

Well, that's it for now. Merry, merry Christmas, Friends!

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