"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 3, 2012

Christmas happenings so far

Nathan was blessed to be a part of a recording session yesterday where he played the keyboard and sang back-up vocals. (last year he and this same friend did a Christmas EP) It was a great experience for Nate! He LOVED it and learned sooo much!

Joy wants to start a cupcake business and hopes to take some cake decorating classes with her Christmas money. Her great-grandmother passed on all the Wilton cake decorating tips a person could ever want. I joke with Joy that she obviously spends way too much time with her dad because she always call the tips "bits," as in the things that go on the end of a drill. LOL! (but if you ever need something assembled, she's your girl!)

Our whole family is sooo excited about the Hobbit!

 We are big LOTR fans. Zac even scheduled off work so that he can go to the midnight showing. (something he never does) All the best employees work the early morning shift, bless-his-5:00-AM-heart!

He is the kiddo that owned a replica of Frodo's sword, Sting, and had toy one. He carried the toy sword when he used to go around the house dressed in an eleven cloak I made for him. Too cute!

Andrew is without cash at the moment, and so he had to accept my reading challenge to earn the money for a movie ticket. It's about 800 pages worth! ("muhaha" -evil laugh from home school mommy) ; )

We love Christmastime and always celebrate Advent. (even though we are not Catholic) We celebrate by meeting every night for a story by candle light and do some praying and focusing on the REAL reason for the season. We also eat/drink something yummy with our china tea cups. It is always a special (but fattening) 5 weeks or so.
Last night I made the Pioneer Woman's hot chocolate recipe and I'm "positively certain this will spoil everyday life forever" (Anne of Green Gables) or at least me being content with packs of powder with water added to them.
These were Our favorite Advent/Christmas stories  EVER and we read and reread them. Since then we have had trouble finding something that was as fun and powerful to read. This year, I challenged Andrew to write his own story that we could read from AND HE IS! We heard the first chapter on Sunday night and it was sooo good. (proud homeschool mommy moment) Dad and his brothers, who enjoyed it immensely, gave him one week to come up with chapter two. In the meantime we are reading The Angel's Story by Max Lucado. (a fictional look at the spiritual battle that might have taken place over Jesus's birth) I also checked out some Christmas stories by Glenn Beck on c.d. that we might try too. But our favorite story this year, is sure to be Andrew's.

Here's Bree last Christmas

(more proof that we are crazy LOTR fans, she's named after a village in one of the books)

and here she is now. 

Today she has been carefully picking one certain heart ornament off the tree, and then bringing it to Joy or I. (repeatedly) How cute is that? I've been joking that it is because she LOVES us. Now that she's switched to other various ornaments, I think it is like a game of fetch. She wants us to put it back and then she takes it off again. : )

Joy bought this with her birthday money!

Funny enough, it was the DRUMMER of the family who was wondering if there was a way to sound proof her practicing! He surely has no room to complain. ; )

Hope your holidays are merry!

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