"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 22, 2012

More birthdays

My hubby had the next birthday in the fam. 
He and our BFF's son share the same birthday and decided to do a party together. They wanted a Man vs. Food type of party. We ended up having a hamburger bar with everything you can think of available as condiments. Yum! 
The food was a big hit with everyone!

John and Joel
13 yrs old and 46 yrs old on Pearl Harbor Day
Next came a lively game of charades with us parents being on the 'classic' team and the all the teenagers being on well, the winning team. : ) And they didn't even know how to play
but since they all apparently think alike, they won!

The next up for a birthday was Nathan, who turned 18! There's another godly MAN on the planet now and we are so proud of him.

Nate and 'M' spent the day at Disney World, hopping from park to park and celebrating both of their 18th birthdays.

I realized recently that I haven't done a post about these two.
So here is an update: A couple of months ago, Nathan had a 'talk' with M's dad and they are officially a couple! -And a pretty cute one at that. They've liked each other since about the 9th grade but haven't been allowed to 'date' until now. : )

Nathan's family party included the family favorite recipe of tortilla soup. (thanks, Aunt Michele!) For his cake he chose Tiramisu.
I THOUGHT about making it but my grocery store doesn't carry ladyfingers and I'm not sure I'd even know them if I saw them. It also doesn't carry rum. Since last Christmas was the first time I'd ever been in the alcohol isle of any grocery store, it took me forever to figure that out. Soooo, I had to buy tiramisu and we all had itty bitty pieces of two of them because hello, it is expensive! But now we are all hooked on its rich goodness and hope to find another reason to buy more and I don't even like coffee. It was that good!

That's it for birthdays!
We have a break until Mr. Zac turns a whopping 20 in January and I try not to feel very old. ; )


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