"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 22, 2011

New school year and one less student!

We painted our school/family room this summer and I just got it done in time for today! I did a bunch of lesson planning before our company came and got all my books ordered in a timely way. (this is a big improvement over last year) Yahoo!
I spent the weekend filing away last years work and moving old books and replacing them with everyone's new ones. Then I made the kids their daily schedules. Oh, I love that part. -Ms "Type A" here! -So, we were all ready for our big day today and I was excited!

The big changes around here are that we added a high school student (Yay, Joy!) to our home school and we lost one. Happy first day of college Zac!
Today was the first time I've ever sent him away for school! Praying for him to 'be Jesus with skin on' and go make a difference in his world. : )

I'm glad I'm not one of the moms I know, sending there kids off to college. Glad he chose to stay here and go to school nearby. His community college is only 8 minutes away. It is in downtown and it looks like they knocked down several condemned buildings, built some new ones and called it a community college campus. lol -Not pretty but very convenient. -He decided to leave his wallet at home today. ; ) I'm pretty sure I'm NOT sending Joy that that campus someday. lol

Andrew is having Zac withdrawals and Zac only had one class today! : ) It is pretty cute how much he loves him. When we took my niece to Florida College the other day, I showed the kids the mail room and told them how much mail from home meant to me and I got A LOT of it. (thanks Dad!) -So it was cute last night when Andrew said he wanted to write letters to Zac and send them to his mailbox at his school. SO SWEET! We had to explain that his school doesn't have a mail room!

That is the first day of school from here! So far so good...

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