"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 18, 2011

My niece is here!

My niece from CA came to visit! She'd never flown before -EVER and she came out all by herself! Such a brave, sweet girl.

We are having lots of fun.

We picked her up around midnight last week and then she and Joy chatted until 4:30 AM, so needless to say, there was some sleeping-in that happened on her first day here! Once she was up, we headed to Florida College, where my hubby and I went, and where she hopes to go in a few years. I gave her my version of a tour around the campus and had fun going on my own 22 year old trip down memory lane!

We took her to our favorite beach the next day, on the Gulf of Mexico. There were huge waves which made it so much fun and which is odd for the Gulf. My noodle actually got ripped into 3 pieces from the force of the waves. Totally felt like we were on the Atlantic side! Certain people who will remain nameless always forget how fair they
are and don't put on sunscreen and always come home red
and sore. Why is that? : )

Because this is Florida, the next day included another beach trip! My BFF took my gang (minus Zac who had a second job interview at Starbucks) and her kids to Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic coast. They had a blast and visited some relatives of the BFF's while there and then headed back to our coast. Then sleepovers abounded. Boys at our house and girls at her house.

Saturday the boys were all burned (and whiny? Why? Because we forget that God made our family fair and we don't remember to wear our sunscreen!) so my hubby had them get on their instruments and make a music video! He has such great ideas. This kept them busy almost the whole day and it is SOOOO cute. I hope to post a link to it soon. (I know my parents will get a kick out of it) Meanwhile the girls were sleeping in half the day and then watching chick flicks together at the BFF's house. We all got together later here for dinner and this dessert, which is SOOO yummy on a hot summer day! But then the kids talked us into ice cream sundaes too.

Church was the next day and we spent a mellow day at home.

We went to the park in search of alligators on Monday. The lake was filled with blooming lily pads and looked beautiful, but they hid the alligators from view, so no such luck showing the niece alligators in the wild. oh well! Sonic's happy hour made up for it! Joy learned how to make some duct tape wallets. That night the family band added their cousin and they played/sang the Coldplay song 'Yellow' together, which dad said earned them ice cream at BO'S. (a hole in the wall that has the best ice cream place in our city!)
I had my favorite peanut butter and chocolate shake, which is to die for! Then the girlys and I watched Beastly! : )

Tuesday, I had a college-bound guy to do a bunch of errands with, so they were on their own and they made these cute dessert hamburgers which we affectionately call crabby patties now:

And Joy taught her cousin how to knit hats and she taught her and I how to crochet while all the boys were off to their friends' houses for before-school-starts-sleepovers.

Yesterday we did the mall.... Me and 5 teens! Never boring! : )
Then it was off to church and a late night pool party.

I got them all home around midnight and then I got so sick! It was either the stomach flu or the fact that although I fed the kids dinner, I only ended up eating french fries and Twizzlers for my dinner at 11:00 pm. Not sure how that happened. Oh was I ever sick, all night long and all day today. I can't say I minded being in my bed all day and resting. My sweet hubby had to take off work to take our niece to the airport. The kids all went and gave her a big send off. She cried and didn't want to leave so I guess she had a great time too. : )

Good-bye Summer! It was fun but I can't wait for school to start! It will be great to be on a schedule again. One that includes less running around and all of us sleeping before 11 pm instead of eating. lol

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