"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 13, 2011

Baseball and a concert

Joy and Andrew read books for 24 hours, no, not in a row, ; )
and earned free tickets to a Rays game which we went to last Friday night. Guess who was doing a concert after the game? Here's a clue
-A certain 80's chick band and the song 'Vacation.'

When my BFF heard about the concert, she said "I'm in" and bought tickets for her and her kids too!!! Hubby had to miss the fun due to his back. He still can't sit form more than 20 min. Actually, hubby was not sad at all about missing the concert -just the baseball!

The game was rather dull but the ladies in the band LOOKED amazing,
like they were in their 30's! But they have to be about 55 at least!
I'm grateful to the camera man who kept focusing in on one of their members hands which looked about 60 years old if they were a day. So... I encouraged myself, that my face and hands are at least going to look like they are from the same generation someday and not 30 years apart. ; )

Thanks Joy and Roo for giving us all a fun night!

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