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September 3, 2010

Vacation fun part 2

We enjoyed this beautiful beach in Carlsbad a couple of times:
We went to a bonfire and the kids gave surfing a try and then
they roasted some starbursts
AKA "shish-ka-bursts" as they called them! We warmed up late that night at our friends house with Mexican hot chocolate and a nice visit with my sister.
The next morning my brother and sister-in-law had us all over for waffles and we said good-bye to my Sacramento nephews who had a plane to catch.
And then it was time for a road trip with 7 teens, loud music and LA traffic to

Next stop was to In-N-Out for the best shakes ever and then a pizza/movie night!
The next day we all worshipped together and then had a fun family lunch of Italian food. That made Andrew a happy camper because he'd pretty much had his fill of MEXICAN FOOD. : )

We headed to the beach again for more sand and surfing fun, but it was too chilly!!! We were very thankful for an awesome lifeguard who rescued my niece!

We walked along the pier in Oceanside again and went to see Toy Story 3.
The next day we hiked in Carlsbad! I was bringing up the rear most of the time because I live below sea level and am not used to that altitude...or at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL! (don't ask why my kids were unaffected)
But it had its advantages! I did get some good pictures of those specks -which are our kids! : )
Then we headed to Mt. Palomar! It was a long, beautiful drive up 5000 ft in elevation!

But when we arrived at the top it was sprinkling and the Ranger said that they were having a flash flood warning!!! So, we headed back down... Here's the disappointed crowd that thought we should brave a flash flood.
Here are the brakes smoking which made us moms glad that we didn't hang out for a flood. LOL

We had another fun dinner with my parents and the next day they took us to
SEAWORLD! What a fun blessing that was!

My best friend and her kids came too! Here is Andrew and his best friend:
Then we visited with my sister again and her baby, Hurley. : )
The next day we flew home into this

which was almost as wonderful as seeing my hubby who was waiting for us! : )


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