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September 11, 2010

Joy and the missing joy of soccer

Anyone else ever put their kids in totally awkard situations totally accidentally...or am I the only one??? (groan!)

Oh.My.Stars. I did this very thing to Joy this weekend.

I decided it would be nice to try a new soccer league. A league for homeschoolers. (maybe that shouldn't been a red flag right there -LOL)

A league where their basketball and volleyball teams play against the Christian high schools in the area. That sounds "legit" as my boys would say, doesn't it? The league is a little cheaper than the one we were in, the season is a little longer, it starts sooner, and the practices and games are all in one day. To my thinking, it is all a plus, plus, plus....

Now picture that you are Joy, who loves soccer and can't wait for the season to start and when you show up:

-the field is half the normal size or the lawn in front of a church

-you are taller than all the other children

-you are taller than the goal

-99% of the other kids look to be about 7 (which totally explains why you are taller) and there isn't a GIRL in sight (a few turned up later, thank the Lord!)


~And if you are Joy, you handle the shock with GRACE and make your momma proud! (while whispering about the possibility of getting a refund) LOL

Bless her heart!!!! I had NO idea! Obviously their soccer teams have a ways to go before they'll be playing against the Christian high schools nearby. ; )

They are a sweet bunch of folks though and I think we should stick it out. The "QuirkyLeague" as my hubby has dubbed, could be a blessing in disguise. We'll keep you posted.


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