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September 3, 2010

The vacation fun

Here are all the fun vacation details:
As I've mentioned, our wonderful friends and relatives in San Diego flew us out to spend a week with them!
It was SOOOOO much fun!
Here are two of our kids having a better time on any layover than I've ever had! : )

-Helps to have your synthesizer and dvd player along for the ride.

First of all, we ate a lot of:

And we had guacamole
on everything possible, like burgers, roll tacos and omelette's!!! -Because my family loves me! lol

We went swimming

and played the Wii a lot.
The kids got beat by Grand Dad at every single game of Wii bowling!

Way to go, Dad! : )
We went to the movies and went shopping at Horton Plaza with my parents and my aunt. -Such a cool looking mall!
We had moreat my sister's house and had fun visiting while the kids played with her ipad. -Having an ipad and a Converse obession, make you a very cool aunt in case you didn't know.
She bought homemade tortillas and heated them on her gas store, how cool and authentic tasting is that?!
Then we did more swimming and Wii bowling that day.

We met up with more wonderful family members and dear friends for a street fair and ate "street tacos" and fudge. Yummy! I think there were about 20 of us all together.

Here are all the cousins -and the friends we love like cousins, on the pier in Oceanside.

A fun game of Apples to Apples with that big crowd followed until us Floridians could hardly keep our eyes open.
In the morning, 16 of us went for more
This time to a place in downtown San Diego that has been serving Mexican food since 1935!
I can't pronounce the name but two weeks later, my kids are still talking about it! You have to wait in line on the street for your turn to place an order. (Just like the "Soup Nazi!")
Our big group made that line a good bit longer than it was. But it was SO worth the wait! These were the biggest rolled tacos I'd ever seen. (no guacamole here, but lettuce and goats cheese was almost as yummy) I wish I had some of that Mexican food right now! This post is making me hungry!
-More vacation memories to come in the next post. : )

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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