"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 20, 2010

Great field trip

Before spring break, we took an awesome field trip to the Morning Star Fisherman's Training and Research Center. People from all over the nation and parts of the world come to learn about aqua-ponics!

What could be better than teaching missionaries how to have a fish farm and grow veggies at the same time. One of our kiddos wants to be a missionary but isn't interested in medicine. Well, this field trip got me excited. Imagine not only sharing the gospel but also teaching people how to raise fish and grow veggies for the whole community. It really is the coolest thing.

So, of course I came home thinking that I am definitely going back and so are my boys who missed it. What a great place to learn and get community service hours for my high school students. I told my hubby that I want to grow veggies and raise tallopia and he didn't even blink. He's already said 'no' to chickens, a goat and a new dog but not this...Amazing!

And think of the science we'll learn!

Except for the fact that we don't even like to eat fish, it could be really fun...
The veggies were absolutely gorgeous!
Their roots get minerals from the fishes waste!

So, if we do it in our back yard someday, our future missionary will know how it is done and can change a whole community in some third world country. Maybe my hubby and I'll go too. I'm excited enough for both of us! : )

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Jamie said...

I thought it was a great one too!! The veggies not only LOOKED gorgeous, but they tasted wonderful too!! I hope you guys do start one . . . someday!! :o)