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January 9, 2010

An undignified hat

Last year, Joy and I learned how to make sweater hats with the Knifty Knitter looms and that blossomed into a really fun ministry! (a home group with moms and daughters who made them for missionaries to pass out to the needy in other countries) It was such fun!
All that to say, we don't have a shortage of sweater hats around here.
It has actually been cold enough to wear them lately!
I am hearing that this is the coldest weekend of the year since about 1977. (some folks in central FL saw some snow and sleet!) Unfortunately, we didn't.

Joy made my hubby a black sweater hat recently and he really likes it. He's very proud to wear whatever his sweet girl makes him. : )
(and he really loves whatever she BAKES him)
Well, the other day he showed us his sweater hat. And somehow, it had come undone at the top. Do you know what a sweater hat looks like on your head when it is open at the TOP?
(more than a little funny)
It kind of had a Rastafarian look to it. LOL
Anyway, the funny thing was that he didn't know it looked like that and he was driving around town and doing business with it that way. He said the men in the paint store looked at him a little funny...

Oh. My. Goodness. The way he told this story had me laughing, coughing and choking like I was dying. ; )
Joy fixed his hat right away and so I can't show you how it looked... and he said he's glad. ha ha
I guess more than enough people saw it already.

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Yvonne said...

Oh Becky...what an awesome daddy story! LOL