"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 26, 2010

"Anne with an e" or Zac with an h

When Zachary was born, I resolved to always call him Zachary. I didn't want his name turning into Zack. Fast forward ten years and he decided he liked being called Zach better. So, we all have ended up calling him Zach. I like it!

We have always spelled it Z-A-C-H.
We have definitely not ever spelled it Z-A-C-K, which neither he nor I, like AT ALL.

A year ago, he decided that spelling it Z-A-C-H was not for him and
he started spelling it Z-A-C.
Almost all of his friends know him as Zac now. But we, in the family are still spelling it Zach or trying not to.
So here I go, from now on when I talk about him in this blog, I'll be spelling his name as Zac and no longer as Zach which I've done forever. And of course, never as Zack....
Because it's a little weird to spell his name on a blog as 'Zach' and to spell it on facebook as 'Zac'. It makes me feel ex-ZAC-tly like I have some sort of spelling schizophrenia. lol -And that just won't do!

I'm sure you understand...I know Ann'e' would. ha ha



momtofivekids said...

We named our son, Charles. We always called him Charles. Never Charlie. Maybe Chuck. Well, the year (he's 16) people started calling him Charlie. He doesn't mind-he thinks it's easier for people to say. It is very strange hearing everyone call him Charlie.

Rebecca said...

This is to strange. My name is Rebecca have always gone by Becky but recently have tried to go by Rebecca.
My second sons name is Zac and I to have always spelled it ZACH but he changed it to Zac and everyone knows him as Zac.

It has been a joke with us over the years and we have teased him and called him zacly.......cause our our pastor teased him and said his breath smells zacly like his feet.

I just got a kick out of this post because it sounds so familiar to my life with my Zac!

You know your Zac sounds like he is a person that has his own personality and wants to be unique just like my Zac. Guess it is good that they make a decision and stick to it with a heavy passion.
Be their own man! A leader of sorts not just a follower.
My Zac has been a blessing to raise.
Thanks for posting
Have a great weekend.


Becky said...

How fun that we have so many similarities in our families!!! : ) We even spell 'Rebecca' the same way. (so many Rebeccas I know spell theirs like the Biblical way -Rebekah)
Your 'Zacly' story was really cute.
Blessings to you and your Zac!

Becky said...
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