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January 7, 2010

Something new

So, there is a new element around our house that takes some getting used to:

A web cam!

My hubby's brother and sister-in-law bought us one for Christmas. We had a fun family to family chat looking at each in our TVs on the day after Christmas. Well, that is how it is suppose to work, anyway. Our cord isn't long enough yet, so we were looking at them in our TV, but to talk, we had to look at camera on our bar. I think they saw the side of our heads most of the time, because we would accidentally talk into the TV and not the camera. : )

Our social-bug is loving being able to Skype with his friends now. I heard him the other day saying, "Isn't this great? We can talk without having to worry about spell check!" (Facebook Chat) Too cute! We have three computers lined up in our family room (which makes it look a little like NASA around here) and he has the camera hooked up to the one he uses for school.
I'm used to being able to walk around the house in PJ'S so it took me completely by surprise one night to walk into the family room and see so-and-so from church smiling and waving back at me. -I think a "head's up, I'm Skypping rule" is in order around here, like pronto. : )
The other night, I counted 6 friends of his who 'came over', so to speak. Not literally but just about!

Technology is just so amazing!


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