"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

There have been only two Thanksgivings in the past 18 years of marriage that I haven't cooked the entire meal myself.
Our first Thanksgiving as newlyweds was one of those and it is a very good thing, because I could only cook about 3 things and one of those things was Kraft macaroni and cheese!
I was asked to bring the sweet potatoes. I didn't know a thing about sweet potatoes and unfortunately, I didn't just bring some out of a can. Oh, would I have been a lot better off if I had. There were about 4 of us married couples and a couple bachelors staying in this large house that one of them was house sitting. We all cooked together and then had our meal. I thought those potatoes of mine wouldn't take long at all to BOIL ....but they did. (boil-ick!)
And lets just say, that those were some hard sweet potatoes I served that day...Those guys were feeling mighty sorry for my newly married hubby. LOL

The next Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law sent me all the family Thanksgiving recipes, with complete instructions on how to roast a turkey. : ) (no one had to feel sorry for my hubby any more!) ha ha

Years later, we spent one Thanksgiving with my in-laws in Colorado. We enjoyed the snow and celebrated Joy's birthday together with every present being something Madeline! : )

Now, this Thanksgiving makes the third one in which I'm not doing all the cooking. Some dear friends from church invited us over. I'm bringing the turkey, thankfully, or I surely wouldn't know WHAT to do with MYSELF with all this FREE TIME on my hands!!!
It's really odd!
Joy and I were planning on being the "co-queens of Thanksgiving" this year and I was going to teach her how to make everything. That way she won't have people looking at her husband with pity on her first Thanksgiving! LOL But, that will have to wait a year. Being that she's only 13, I think we have plenty of time. ; )

*What is on our mind this year, is how thankful we are to have owned such a wonderful dog! Honey has lung cancer and is suffering. Tomorrow is the day we have planned to have her put down and we are SAD! So, while I'm not spending my whole day cooking, I am blessed to be loving on the sweetest dog to ever live! (secretly or not so secretly we are all wishing it was our bi-polar parrot that was ill! I think we'd all be more than slightly thankful for that.) ; )

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


Yvonne said...

I am so sorry to hear that Honey has cancer. That makes me sad too.

I hope you all enjoy your day with Honey, and your family and friends.

We will be praying for you in the upcoming week.

(I enjoyed your boiled sweet potato story!)

Jamie said...

THanks for the sweet stories!! I am so sorry about your Honey!! We are praying for you guys!!! Hugs and LOVE!!!