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November 11, 2009

Christmas gift idea

Aren't these too cute?!

Joy and are planning to make these as gifts for our friends, neighbors and teachers at church for Christmas. We did a trial batch and they were oh, so yummy!

We may have to do a few more trial batches because ours didn't harden. Not sure what we did wrong but we liked eating our mistakes! ; ) Yumm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The recipes I've seen online, have you rolling them in m&ms or chocolate chips or sprinkles or peanuts! You can also use white chocolate! : )

One of our favorite family recipes is Spiced Walnuts!

My mother-in-law used to make them and send them to us in a tin with our Christmas presents.

I make them every year because they are so good and remind us of 'Grandmum.'

They make a great gift to pass out to friends and neighbors in decorative bags or tubes etc...

And they make your house smell like everything you love about Christmas!

~I'm always tempted to eat the entire batch myself. Not good.

You can find the recipe in this post! (this was from a bloggers Christmas tour of homes a couple years ago) I hope you give them a try! : )

There is also a recipe for some really CUTE holiday reindeer cookies that are a big hit at parties. I made those several times last year. Lots of fun for little hands to help with!

Happy holiday planning!

"It's the most wonderful time of the year." Right?

-(I end up hearing that song sung very early every year because my hubby sings it when football season starts! He's so funny!)


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