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November 9, 2009

A couple of our favorite Florida vacations turned field trips

One of our all time favorite field trips was to the summer homes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison in Fort Myers, FL.
We were studying inventors at the time and so it was such a thrill to go and see their homes and inventions. My oldest took about 300 pictures! My hubby's boss at the time, gave us a few days at a time share in Ft. Myers and it turned into a great vacation/field trip.

Vacations turned field trips are some of favorite things! : )
A trip to the Kennedy Space Center is now going to be ranked up there among the favorites!
The other half of our family were blessed to spend 3 days there over the summer while Nathan and I were at Teen Bible Quiz Nationals in St. Louis. My kiddos were sharing something new about what they learned there just about every day for a month! : ) They loved it and they learned SO much and had a great time.
My hubby's best friend Carlos went with them and he makes everything even more fun. ; )
The only thing that they didn't enjoy was waiting for the launch for hours in the heat.
That particular one was scrubbed about 3 or 4 times. Here's what Andrew thought of that after waiting for hours. Bless his heart!
They finally gave up seeing it from the Space Center and went to see it from the beach with the locals. The space shuttle actually did go up that time and the waiting while playing in the water was much more fun. Maybe the view wasn't quite as great but it was still close and they enjoyed it.


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