"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 27, 2009

What's up!

I lovingly refer to the toddler years as the "Blessed Blurrr" because it was such a busy season in life. But now that I think about it, these teens years just as busy.
Lest it all be a blurr someday, here is what everyone is doing these days (or more specifically where I'm driving them to. lol)

Zachary is a drummer. (and our little house is very loud. -If you ever called me then you know that) Right now he is the substitute drummer in the youth worship band at church. The regular drummer is a sophomore in college and studying to be a doctor. When he can't make it, Zach takes his place. Zach is in the Fine Arts/drama group and loves it. He is also serving in the student leadership group.

Nathan is in Teen Bible Quiz again this year and they are memorizing the books of first and second Corinthians! He loves his team, loves quizzing and enjoys the traveling. It's a fun way to learn the Word of God. It has made him want to study Greek someday. Nathan plays the keyboard in our family band. He is also in the student leadership group in youth group.

Joy is in a home school dance group. She is Teen Bible Quiz now too but she's chosen to compete in the novice league which doesn't go on to Nationals and only has to memorize the book of first Corinthians. She is playing soccer this semester and really enjoying it. She and I work together in the nursery at church once a month taking care of the infants. (this is where I get my baby fix and where she's learned to be so great with little ones!) : )

Andrew is in Junior Bible Quiz this year. (he's our only kiddo left in it, since our other two have graduated) He is also in the kids church worship band. He plays the electric guitar. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES guitar. You hardly see him without one during his free time. His band had the chance to play at VBS this year which was really exciting. They did so well, that they were asked to play in the church service the following Sunday! That was pretty incredible to play in front of such a huge crowd. (1000 people or so)

Besides all the fun (and driving!) that these activities bring to our lives, I am the president and treasurer of our home school group this year. I had been the treasurer for a couple of years, but our wonderful president recently had to step down and temporarily move out of state. You can read what she and her awesome family are doing for their sister-in-law here. (Her sister-in-law had skull replacement surgery last week and is doing well and so is her new baby who had a safe delivery!) It's been more than a little overwhelming but an honor and a pleasure serve the group this year. The group has an awesome board of directors that are SUCH a pleasure to work with and a little over 100 homeschooling families.
My hubby is still teaching his Wednesday night class at church. He teaches the Royal Rangers who are K-2nd grade boys. He loves speaking into their lives and teaching them how to be future men of God. But, 30 wiggly boys can be a challenge after a long day at work and I admire him so much for serving. I think he's been at it for 7 years now.
I guess that sums it up. It's a busy year and if I don't get to blog very often, now you'll know why! : )

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