"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 20, 2009

More time with our Honey

As I mentioned the other day, Honey either has pneumonia or lung cancer.
She has responded fabulously to the steroid and the antibiotic prescribed for her though and we are SO thankful!
She is breathing normally again and is eating. Hurray!
The Lord has extended our time with her!

Yesterday, even though she obviously felt better, her eyes looked so sad.
Then last night she did what we call "the golden retriever happy dance." Yay! That is what I had been waiting for. Now, I know she feels better and her eyes look happy again.

We are all in agreement that if she ever goes through what she did over the weekend then it will be her time to go. We never want to see her suffering to breathe again. It was so sad.

So, we are happy and hopefully that maybe this is pneumonia and that she will recover. That is our prayer. We'll enjoy every moment we have with her because she is PRECIOUS!



Yvonne said...

Oh, oh...we are doing the happy dance with Honey!! Yay God!!

Priya said...

So glad to know she's feeling better! Praise God!