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October 10, 2009

My Cuban Sandwich education

For Zachary's community service project work day, I decided to make cuban sandwiches. I love to EAT them but I didn't know exactly how to make them.

When I looked online, I found several different versions and decided to ask my next door neighbor who is Cuban. She emailed me an authentic recipe and her son volunteered to come over and make them for Zach's big day. (they are the best of buddies and almost like cousins since they have grown up living next door to each other for 14 yrs) It was such a sweet offer!
Apparently, if you don't put everything in just the right order, when making cuban sandwiches then they don't taste right.
I had a soccer game to attend in the morning so I planned to go by the bakery early in the morning before the game, but my neighbor's son told me that he would pick it up right before coming over. Another sweet offer!
Apparently, they aren't as good if the bread isn't fresh.

The ingredients were:

Mayo and mustard mixed together
Spanish pork (deli at Publix)
Sweet ham
Swiss cheese
Dill pickles

I know what you are thinking. Any sandwich with these ingredients is bound to be pretty good!
And you are right but these were EXCELLENT!

They were like a work of art!

The sandwich requires more ham than any other meat and so the ham is put on in rolls. How cute is that?!

(notice the ham rolls) : )
Then we put them in the oven at 450 for 3 minutes until the cheese melted. We pressed them while they were hot, and he taught me how to cut them.
Apparently, they don't taste as good if they are not cut at an angle.

My hubby declared these the best cubans he'd ever had! (and he makes his own amazing version but he says he's been dethroned now that we know how to make these!) : )

Andrew was our neighbor's helper, so he's all in the know now.

Some of the guys started talking about "red neck cubans" while they were eating and I had no idea what they were talking about.
Apparently, that is a Cuban sandwich without Spanish pork.
Who knew there was so much to this?!!?
Not I!
But it was fun and yummy!

Apparently, a certain golden retriever found them truly irresistible. She was found on her hind legs up at the island with this!



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