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October 3, 2009

Joy in soccer

Joy is enJOYing soccer again!

(The enthusiastic soccer mom made her look into the sun for this picture. Sorry, Joy!)

The season started this week!

Joy used to play when she was 5-8 yrs. old. When she was seven she joined the Junior Bible Quiz ministry at church and doing both wasn't really fair to either of her teams because they had match/games on the same days. So, we put soccer on hold until she graduated from JBQ which happened this past May. I can never say enough good about all the scriptures and doctrine she learned in JBQ and I know we made the right decision. She absolutely loved her years in JBQ!

She had a natural gift for soccer when she was little. I just have to get this story recorded on our blog, because I'll always remember it: We have a golden retreiver and our kids used to love all those Air Bud movies. Joy especially loved the soccer Air Bud movie! The star of the movie did this cool move to dodge the other players and Joy actually watched that movie so many times, that she learned it. We didn't know she learned it. But one game day, she tried it out! And it worked and it blew us away! It was so cute!

So, it has been really fun to be helping her get ready to go back to soccer. She's been looking forward to it for about 2 years!

We enJOYed shopping for her new ball (gray and PINK) and I found the cutest Adidas shin guards at Ross, of all places and they are PINK!

They are SO cute, I was actually wishing that she could wear them on the outside of her socks at the game. lol ('cause I'm weird like that!)

The other day we went cleat shopping and she kept saying "But they are all black!"
and she sounded was so bummed and I was so confused.
I kept thinking 'didn't she always play in black cleats in the past?'
Well, apparently, she'd been envisioning playing soccer in cleats that were PINK.
-She is her mother's daughter! : )
Wouldn't that have been too cute?!

Well, her team had their first practice last night and their first game this morning...
Not much time in between that wasn't spent sleeping...

But the verdict is and
she LOVED it!

~Becky, who is enJOYing being a soccer mom once more

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Yvonne said...

Exciting! The pink shin guards are way cute!