"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 27, 2009

When time flies

It just seems like yesterday that I began my homeschooling journey...

I have a vivid picture of the beginning of this journey in my mind.
I was teaching phonics to my firstborn son on our patio.
I had a preschooler nearby,
a two year old napping and a baby due at the end of the school year...
I remember glancing over at my neighbor's quiet house. Her children went to school and her housekeeper was sweeping her porch...
I remember trying not to covet her clean house. ; )
~Little did I know that having your house look like a bomb hit it during school hours, was all part of the package.

And then I blinked ....and that same boy, who is now much taller than I am, is preparing to take the PSAT! How did that happen?!
One thing is for sure,
I wouldn't trade our homeschooling journey for anything.


1 comment:

Jamie said...

I wish someone would have told me about the house looking like a bomb too . . . not sure if I would have cared b/c . . . I wouldn't trade these days for the would either!!