"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 2, 2009

Making a child smile

We've been blessed to be sponsors with Compassion Intl. for many, many years now. We think they are wonderful!

We've had 2 children who dissappeared from the program because their countries had a civil war... That was sad. The first one that happened to had been our 'child' for such a LONG time that is was really hard not knowing what had happened to her. Our other child hadn't been 'ours' long when the same thing happened again to him in his country. But, I'm happy to say that our third child has been ours for a number of years now. : )

As much as we enjoy reading our child, Dayana's letters, we are really bad at writing back! I always have guilt because I really stink at the correspondence aspect of the program. (I do remember Christmas gifts but I just don't write regularly) -Until lately!

I think what changed things was when my hubby got really energized about having us pray for her. Then we all started writing her together with everyone adding some imput. When her letters arrive, we read them while sitting around the dinner table. So, we are finally getting better at this after ALL these years!

Our latest picture of Dayana arrived recently and really touched all of our hearts. She wasn't smiling, at all. Her smile became our prayer.

And God answered it we believe. It all happened with something as little as a page torn out of a coloring book! One of our kids had the idea to send one of those in our last letter to her. The next letter that we received sounded like it was from a different child. She sounded so happy and she sent us her love (which she always has done) but this time she added her "kisses." It was so sweet. I hadn't thought about how something so simple could bring her such joy. (maybe because we have SO much and they have SO little)

I'm looking forward to meeting her one day, in heaven where I KNOW she'll be smiling all the time.


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