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June 14, 2009

Angry dog = new purse, again

There is a difference of opinion among our kiddos about our parrotlet. Some are sure he is "possessed" and others say "he's bipolar." lol

But they ALL agree that our golden retriever, Honey, is 'practically perfect in every way.'

We are all crazy about her. She'll be turning 11 this year. She's starting to mellow out after being quite hyper all these years. : )

She is a wonderful dog except for a wee bit of a vindictive streak that comes out every couple of years or so when we least expect it...

She is so intelligent! And she likes to retaliate when we somehow upset her. It amazes me how precise she is about it too. Here are some examples:

~One day when my hubby was gone too long, (in her opinion) she snipped the cord to my hubby's cell phone charger.

~The first year that we participated in our church's VBS we were away from home from 4:30-10:00 pm every night which she wasn't used to. By Thursday she had enough I guess, because she went into our laundry room and found our VBS shirts and ripped holes in them. Only in the VBS shirts, mind you. And she had NEVER touched another piece of our laundry before that and never has since then.
~One day our son, the drummer, corrected her for something she did. When we came home later in the day we found that she had snipped the cord of his electronic drum set.

Guess what she snips if she's upset with me? The handles of my current purse! I would say in the almost 7 years we've owned her, she's been the reason for about 4 or 5 new purses.

Sunday, I didn't let her come with us when we walked down the street to a surprise party for our neighbor...

Guess what? I came home and found out that not only do I need a NEW purse (and for the first time, I was actually glad for the excuse to buy a new one) ; )
but that I also have a chunk eaten out of the leather cover of -my BIBLE! And I LOVE my Bible!!! Boo-hoo!
It's a really good thing that on most days, Honey is 'practically perfect' like Mary Poppins,
otherwise, she'd be in the dog house for sure. ; )


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