"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

September 1, 2016

I really love electricity

So, last night, Andrew and I "battened down the hatches" and then picked up our tropical storm supplies

Along with one gallon of water not pictured. ; )

In case this isn't big news where you live, the name of the storm is Hermine. (pronounced her-meen) Which has everyone, of course, thinking of Hermoine in Harry Potter.
Fiona must have been a no-show
and next up is Ian. Were there really not any better H names?

During our movie, we heard/felt a tremendous THUD! And our power went out. A branch of an enormous, old oak tree belonging to our next door neighbor came down and knocked our power line to the ground.
We went out and joined all the neighbors to see what we could of the damage, but it was dark. Somehow I missed the memo that one of their cars was UNDER the branch until I went out this morning! Oh my goodness!

Joy or I usually park here, but I felt like she and I needed to park far away from the trees last night, (thank you, Jesus!) and we did.

I'm embarassed that I was pretty whiny when I found out that we were the only ones on the street without power. And I may have even pointed and said "But, it is their tree!"  Oh my word, THAT was not my best moment! ; )

Because the wire was live, the police, the firemen and the electric company all came out. It was better than TV!

Then we went inside and listened to an audiobook on my bed by candle light.
One that included Hermoine.  ; )


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