"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

September 22, 2016

Birthday Surprise!!!

Saturday was my birthday! And I'm pretty sure it was the best one ever!

I walked out of my room at seven in the morning and I saw Andrew in the living room.
(I'm not sure I've ever seen any of my kids at that hour on a Saturday before!)
I had a feeling it has to do with my BIRTHDAY!
I heard a MALE voice in the kitchen and I looked at Andrew and mouthed the words "WHO IS THAT?!" Because it sure wasn't Joy.
He tilted his head like "Come and see." And then he started filming!

NATHAN was in our kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He DROVE 36 HOURS to surprise me on my birthday!
I was overwhelmed and in a daze!

Zac was there, too. He'd taken off work to be apart of the surprise and he was cooking us all breakfast!

My scream woke up Joy, who was just as dazed as I was.

We have a cute video of both boys sneaking in our house earlier that morning and our dog went crazy over Nathan and almost woke up everyone! Then Nathan woke up Andrew and said, "Andy, get up and let's make Mom breakfast for her birthday." And then you see Andrew's hand reach out to touch Nathan and to make sure he wasn't dreaming! (too cute!!!) Then Nathan says, "I'm real."
It is so sweet!

I can't even describe how sweet and special it feels to have us all together! : )

I had to fill out a survey recently that asked me what my absolute favorite thing in the world is and my answer was "My kids and guacamole!" LOL
At this moment, I had both! Yay!

We had lunch together, hung out at the house and talked and then went to see the Hillsong movie: Let Hope Rise. It was great!!!!
Then we came home and our former next door neighbors brought me flowers and tiramisu! We had fun chatting with them until late into the night.

Then Sunday we went to church and then to the beach!

Best birthday ever!

THANK YOU, Nathan!
What a sacrifice!


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