"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 6, 2016

The grieving

There are so many posts that I write in my head but that never make it to my computer.

"There's a time to grieve" the Bible says, and this is mine.
But if it wasn't mine, I sure wouldn't want to read about it and so I try not to write about it here.

But maybe I"ll let this one slip through...

If I were to write about it...

I would say that losing your spouse is like having your left arm amputated. -But you are right handed and so you can still function.

I would say that we are all trying to find a new normal because our lives will never be the same.

I would say that going to sleep without him every night is hard and sad. And even the HAPPY looking pj's I bought, don't cheer me up like I thought they would. LOL

I would say that I'm so blessed to have this time to still be able to homeschool and try to make life seem as normal for our youngest as possible, is a great blessing that I don't take for granted.

I would say that it is hard to stop talking to someone that you have talked to every day for 27 years! So I made a journal that is literally called "Things I would tell my Hubby if I could." And I'm on my second one.

I would say that taking care of the red tape, paper work and ramifications of the death of a spouse are like having a second job. I'm still not done making calls and filling out forms. But I can call and tell a complete stranger that "I'm calling because my husband recently died and I need to have this put in my name...." without breaking down and crying. -But if they ask me on what date he died, no promises. I might bawl...

I would say that things could be so much worse but God has me and I see it everyday in every way! Even in the crummy, sad times.


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