"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 6, 2015

The craziest thing happened during the craziest week

I can't remember if I've mentioned here that we are members of Samaritan Ministries and that they have been a huge blessing in our lives especially in light of recent events with my Hubby's health. But we are and we have been for over 20 years and they are awesome!

Healthcare being the big issue that it is right now, a reporter in our area called Samaritan to do a story on their ministry and Samaritan called me and asked if I would do an interview with this reporter. For some reason, I actually said 'yes,' but I was totally THINKING that Hubby and I would make a time to meet with this reporter in person and that my Hubby would do all the talking. LOL  : ) (because that's how I roll!)
But this reporter wanted to do it on the spot on the phone! And so that is how I ended up getting interviewed for a story that will be in Sunday's paper! Ahhh!

Reporters are persistent people and this one wouldn't take "We don't have time to be photographed until Saturday" for an answer. And so that is also how I am now waiting for a photographer to come to my house and take my picture ALONE!

When you only have a few hours notice about this kind of thing you know you can't redecorate your house first! I almost went and bought some cute throw pillows instead but either the voice of my Hubby or the Holy Spirit was saying "Get a grip, Girl." ; )

If it was up to me, I'd be hiding under my bed right about now.
Because...."Hello, my child is shy."
That's a quote from the movie Kicking and Screaming that my hubby likes to change to "Hello, my wife is shy." : )
I am not even close to being in my comfort zone right now. But I do a lot of singing in church about how
"You make me brave"
"You make me brave"  : )
So, maybe God is up to something and maybe this story will give God glory and people hope. That has been my prayer since I got into this mess yesterday.

Not to mention that it is happening in the middle of the time when Nathan is here and he and I are running all over town getting him ready for the wedding that he is in on Saturday!

If they spin this story in a way that I have not intended, then I may just be really hiding under my bed on Sunday and hoping that not even my couponing friends buy papers that day. ; )
Help me, Jesus!


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