"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 18, 2015

Still waiting for results

We are still waiting on the test results and praying it is not the reoccurrence of cancer. Nothing happens quickly in a hospital, it seems.
 Everyday we hear the word 'tomorrow.'
So, we just continue to wait ...

Hubby"s roommate, Bert, facetimed his dogs the other day! LOL
Then things really livened up when Bert's friend snuck both dogs up to the hospital room in some luggage! The nurses pretended not to notice!

Bert has since been discharged, just in time to attend his daughter's beach wedding in Malibu. Let"s hope he doesn't bring the dogs! ;)
She is having another wedding in England next year because that is where her finance is from. Can you imagine planning two weddings!? Pretty sure all the young brides-to-be that I know, are glad this is a one time thing!
Zac's big day is 23 days away! Which means we need Hubby well ASAP, in Jesus' name! Thanks for praying!


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