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August 16, 2015

Praying for an infection, as weird as that sounds

During the last couple of weeks my Hubby hasn't been feeling very well. But, he is painting in the HEAT of August in Florida and that is too much for many men. Even before his cancer battle, it wasn't uncommon for him to come home from work totally wiped out in the summer.
He confessed that he's been overdoing it lately though, and that, I knew!
He felt like he injured himself this week by doing too much lifting. On Thursday, he could only work for a couple hours in the field and then had to go work in the office. On Friday, he couldn't go to work at all and on Saturday he had to stay in bed. He was pale and he was having shortness of breath from just talking. It reminded me of when he had fluid around his heart, so I called the cancer hospital. They thought it could be that again or maybe a blood clot and said to go to an ER ASAP. So, that is where we spent our Saturday afternoon. And sometime around 11:00 PM they admitted him.
Thankfully, he didn't have fluid around his heart. Yay! That pericardioal window surgery was something else! And we never want to repeat that. Ever. 
It turned out to be fluid in his left lung. And it was just about completely FULL. Having watched them drain it (yuck!) I can tell you, that was A LOT of fluid. It looked like a liter and a half! I was so shocked I took a picture. -He teased me that I'm rather disturbing about taking photos like that! But he is the one who is now texting it to his friends. LOL!

His doctor said: "In August, in this heat. How did you ever paint with one lung?" 
And that is the question of the day! 
He's been working his heart out basically with only one functioning lung! 
He answered "Pure determination! I'm determined to provide for my wife and children." 
(insert some crying emojis here)  
 He's amazing! 
I can't even imagine how he's done it! 

So, the fluid is gone now, and they are testing the fluid. 
One doctor said that it could be the return of the cancer and another doctor said he thinks it could've been caused by an infection. Hubby said he's never hoped for an infection more in his life! Amen!
Praying it is that


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