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June 2, 2015

The groom and his men go shopping

It was a suit finding and fitting kind of night last night! : )

Here are the groom and his groomsmen:

I love this picture because it shows how much fun these guys always have together! And I love how Zac is holding his stomach because they make him laugh so hard! (these two have been Zac's best friends since he was in the 5th grade) : )

We were sure missing Nathan, the best man!

So, it takes quite awhile to try on suits and to measure everyone.

But look what you can do while you wait?  LOL!

Tons of fun!

This is going to be one handsome groom!

And how much fun is it when a wedding turns into a family reunion?!
We are so excited about all our relatives from CA who've said that they are going to try and come.
And Hubby's dad, who doesn't travel anymore, said he wasn't going to miss his first grandchild's wedding! So sweet! Hoping his health will allow him to make it.

Tiffany's siblings will certainly win for furthest distance traveled! -One is coming from Australia and another is coming from Germany! Amazing!

So excited!


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