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June 12, 2015

Celebrating 10 years of thankfulness

Every February, we have a 'Thank You Party' to thank our dear friend, Carlos, for the addition and the remodeling job that he did on our house in 2005. Actually, he did SOOO much more than that... And gave up so much of his life to do it! We will be forever humbled by his love, generousity and servant's heart!

We had to postpone the party for awhile due to Hubby's cancer trial, and we finally had it last Friday night!

We looked at photos and videos of all the construction which Andrew set to the Switchfoot album we played during that whole year. And we were amazed again at how little our kids were back then! 

This year for the decorations, I attached a picture of the phases of construction to each helium balloon. I had each picture backed with some cute glittery paper UNTIL I found out that the paper was so heavy the balloons wouldn't float because of it. Who knew that card stock paper was that heavy? So, then I had to rip off that paper and just glue on white copy paper to all 16 of them. 
It looked SO cute, I thought I would do this again for Zac and Tiffany's rehearsal dinner using pictures of them over the last 6 years.
BUT the balloons that were suppose to float from 6-8 hours started dropping at hour #4 and the party hadn't started yet. (boo-hoo) Clever, Joy, gave me the idea to put a piece of tape on our ceiling for each balloon and it worked! 

For dinner, I made the Pioneer Woman's Big Steak Salad which was a big hit! Zac grilled the rib eyes for me and they were fabulous! (I cheated with store bought candied pecans and store bought onion rings to save time!) : )

Then Joy made a gorgeous peach and strawberry tart for dessert. It was amazing!

We gave Nathan a call in CA during the evening and caught him hiking up a mountain. He knew we were having the party that night and said he'd been thinking about it. We put him on speaker and while hiking, no less, he very eloquently put into words his thanks and what all that Carlos did meant to him personally. He really put into words what all of us were thinking, and it blew us away. Love that guy! (I couldn't have given a beautiful speech off the top of my head while hiking up a mountain to save my life) ; )

It was a very special evening! (even if the balloons didn't float) ; )


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