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June 1, 2015

Back from a blogging break with an update on all the fun

Last Friday night, before all the graduation fun got underway, we threw a family party for our future daughter-in-law, Tiffany's birthday.

Our usual word search (describing the birthday person and the things they love) took on a romantic twist, since Zac came up with all the words to describe her. (insert heart emoticons here)
Even though her name hasn't changed YET, we gave her a monogrammed clutch with her new last name initial embroidered on the bag! (insert more heart emoticons here)

Joy made her a Kit Kat cake that turned out to be adorable using Hershey's drops.

We had steak, because it is her favorite and this sauce is to die for!

We are so thankful that this sweet girl is joining our family!

The next day, we loaded up for a GIRLS GRADUATION GETAWAY with Joy and her four best friends!
They are the sweetest girls on the planet and I love them all to pieces.

The first stop was to drop Joy off at the fancy hotel, where graduation was taking place

 and where she had a mandatory 5 1/2 hour grad practice to attend. Blah! But thankfully, it did finish early.

While she was at practice, the girls and I went to Downtown Disney to walk around, eat yummy things and shop! Don't tell the men of my family, but I think DD is way more fun with a bunch of girls! ; )

We checked into our hotel and the girls decorated the room to surprise Joy when she got back from practice.
Then we got the celebrating under way and went out to dinner!

The rest of the evening included a trip to a sketchy market for breakfast supplies, a failed attempt to use the hotel pool and using face masks!

The next morning was the BIG DAY, where we met up with the rest of our family for the ceremony!

The next day, after all the celebrating, my best friend, who lives in CA came to town to hang out with us for the next couple days. We had a great time catching up and spent some time in this heavenly place relaxing

while the boys dug where busy digging away at what looked like someone's grave. LOL 

And then they flew home and I got sick and spent the better part of the next 3 days in bed! What a week!

And that sums up all the fun! #gradJOYation

Back to normal life now!


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