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February 19, 2015

Our senior and her pics

Joy had her senior pictures taken yesterday. -I still can't believe that she is about to graduate!

Zac had his pictures taken downtown among buildings with neat architecture. My favorite one was taken in a parking garage!
Nathan had his taken in a gorgeous park that reminds us of California. His were taken in a field and underneath some gigantic oak trees.
And Joy chose to have hers done in the  historic district with brick walls, graffiti, and train tracks. -This setting also came complete with an angry man on drugs, who kept yelling at us because he thought we were tourists and who made fun of our photographer's lack of hair!

Since she loves to paint, we brought her easel and brushes for one of the poses and our very creative photographer took those photos beside a gigantic mural. Such a cool idea!

Here is a sneak peak, I took:

She's a beauty! No Photoshop needed on this girl!

And here is the whole picture:

Because you know you are blessed with a great friend, when she will even be your footstool when you need one! : ) LOL

It was a blast!

~Very thankful for the A. Family, who gifted us with their talent, creativity and time! :-) Love them!


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