"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 13, 2015

And we're back

I didn't intend to take a blogging break but I was busy having a wonderful visit with my sweet sister who came to take care of us for a week. She took care of all of us while I took care of Hubby. What a blessing!
She took a red eye from CA and hit the ground running when she got here. Before I knew it, she was grocery shopping all over town and then cooking up a storm.
She did A LOT of cooking.
Jen working her culinary magic!
She also cleaned, ordered things we needed, fixed things that were broken and trained our dog to walk on a leash without pulling our arms out of the socket. : ) She's pretty amazing like that!
There was also a Frisbee-throwing-park-day,
one dinner party

and two game nights. And she and our kids spent two days riding roller coasters!

She totally spoiled us and Hubby and I both tried to talk her into staying longer. LOL ; )

Hubby is doing well. He is resting and recovering. He is on a feeding tube for 12 hours a day now and is eating 800 calories of real food, as well. He is learning how much food his esopho-stomach (as he calls it) can handle without making him sick. 
Jen's chicken tacos and guacamole were his first meal of solid foods since the first of the year! He was SO happy!

He goes for little walks around the house and we try to walk down the street and back together once a day if he is feeling up to it. Lord willing, his feeding tube will come out next Thursday! (the 'J' tube is a messy thing that I need to clean every couple of hours, even during the night, and I will be one happy camper when it is out)

I recently added up all that Hubby has been through and it came out to:
Six weeks of chemo and radiation, 2 surgeries, 2 ER trips and 19 days in the hospital!
What a journey! Such patient suffering! He is amazing!
We are so thankful that he is cancer-free!
And that God has met all of our needs along the way! -He also sent us a bundle of fun for a week in my sister!


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