"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 16, 2014

Summer happenings

We've had a busy week around here.

First off, we are excited for Andrew, who has a part time summer job, helping a grounds keeper at one of the custom homes that the company Hubby works for built. Yay!

We had our neighbors over for dinner on Saturday to get to know them, and 10 minutes before they arrived our BBQ chicken looked like a burnt offering!!! I had to run out the door and buy chicken and wouldn't you know it, they were early! Oh my stars!
 They taught us a fun card game called Sets and Straights and it ended up being a nice evening even though it had such a rocky start. : )

Sunday morning we gave a breakfast for the members of our Sunday school class and had a great time with those sweet people.

Monday, Hubby had a doctor's appointment with a specialist and we found out that he needs an outpatient procedure. The doctor has to be AT LEAST 85 years old but looks to be 100! He's sweet as can be. But the fact that his hands shake, was a little unnerving to me. He's done 30,000 of these procedures, so that made me feel better. And then we heard that he just looks through a camera and tells his nurses what to do, so now I feel a whole lot better.

Last night, Joy and Andrew gave a party for the youth group's worship band. They wanted to have a bonfire. In Florida. In July. That's pretty much a recipe for rain! But they got in a few minutes by the fire in between storms and watched The Lego Movie, and played Foosball and video games. Such a great bunch of teens! Love them!

For the next two days, Joy and I get represent our favorite math company at a homeschooling convention! Yay!

And then hopefully, there's a date night in my near future! : )

Hope you are having a great week!

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