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January 24, 2013

Doing the right thing was never so... confusing

We have a handicap placard that hangs from our rear view mirror that belongs to my brother-in-law and WHEN he is in the car, we park in handicap parking and are oh-so-thankful-for it.
Today, he wasn't with me, so I was trying to park in a regular spot, when a parking attendant/security guard told me I couldn't because I had 'a handicapped sticker.' He said I had to park in a handicap space.
I explained about my BIL not being with me and that none of us in the car, at the present, are handicapped so I wanted to park in a regular space.
He said it was because of the placard. I showed him how I can take it down. I think that made him more mad. He actually threatened me with a fine, if I parked in a non-handicapped space.
How weird is that?! It gets weirder though...
He said I had to park in a handicap space. I said that seemed dishonest since none of us are handicapped. He said it was dishonest that I had a placard at all and that I should have to park there 'as punishment.'
Punishment? Really?
(the handicap parking lot at the community college is far away from the admin building where I was headed...hence the punishment, I guess)
~I think this wins the weirdest conversation award!~
Since he threatened to fine me if I parked in a regular spot without the placard AND then threatened a fine if I parked in the handicapped parking and wasn't handicapped,
I ended up (nicely) driving away...
Wow and wow.
As if care giving already doesn't have enough weird, hard things happening daily!

My apologies if this post doesn't make any sense.
Trust me, it didn't in real life either. ; )


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