"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 4, 2012


the day I became a mother and the life of our 19 year old today! What a blessing on both accounts! The Lord has been good to us.
We are proud of our college guy who got great grades in his first semester. And he's making us proud over at Starbucks! ~His boss told me that he is awesome the other day when I was in the drive thru and he got a text from him on Christmas Eve saying what a great job he's been doing. He must be since his shift supervisors were fighting over him. : )  Glad that he is being 'Jesus disguised as a barista' out there in the world. 

It is hard finding the time to celebrate with such a busy guy, though... Since our youth service was cancelled, we ended up getting a chance to do it last night! When we celebrate Zac, that always means FETTUCCINE ALFREDO with chicken and sun dried tomatoes! So, that is what we had. We enjoyed an ice-cream bar, since he isn't a 'cake guy' then we took a quiz about his favorite things and listed all the things we love about him. Lots of fun! After that it was off to the movies to see Mission Impossible. Fun night. Happy Birthday, Zac! We are always so proud of you!  


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