"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 27, 2010

The Thanksgiving weekend

-Spent the holiday with some interesting new friends and some VERY special long-time friends that I never pictured spending Thanksgiving with. God does amazing things doesn't He?

-Only cooked green beans, mashed potatoes, pumpkin crunch cake and peanut butter pie. I got off really EASY!

-Enjoyed the beach which I've never been to on Thanksgiving before and the house we stayed at on the inlet had a beautiful view

-Slept on a $6000 mattress! Found out that a vibrating bed gives me a stomach ache. LOL -Or maybe that was from eating too much? Anyway, I like my mattress better.

-Enjoyed watching 6 kids who all grew up together as neighbors, play bad mitten

-Headed home the next day and took a NAP

-Hubby took me for a 'Christmas tree picking date' and I actually picked the first one we saw! It was a Christmas miracle, for sure.

-Joy and my BFF's daughter decorated the house and the tree and Nathan made us all brownies. Zac set up the tree for us.

- Andrew and my BFF's son were happy to go to another meeting and be treated to more desserts by her Realtor. lol

-We ate the yummy leftovers that our friends sent us home with and then watched The Ultimate Gift with our friends. (one of Nathan's favorites) Do see it!

-Slept in! Hooray! And spent some much needed extra time with the Lord. Double hooray!

-Went shopping for more Christmas lights, since it apparently takes at least 4 boxes to almost do the front of our house.

-My hubby bought me 5 poinsettias in exchange for a Christmas kiss. He's so cute.

-Took our boys to meet their friends and our younger ones went to a lights display and the world's largest McDonalds with my BFF.

-Made my hubby walk around the Cracker Barrel gift shop because I love that place at Christmastime...He deserved some more Christmas kisses for that, ; ) but got a new gigantic coffee mug instead. lol

-Ate more leftovers and watched To Save a Life. A must see movie for all teens. (needs some fast forwarding in a couple places though)

-Enjoyed our worship service and it was an extra blessing to hear the youth worship band play one of the songs. I'm crazy about that drummer and the keyboardist.

-Had some car trouble and some car repairs, thanks to our dear friend, Carlos.

-Ate MORE leftovers and that about sums it up. Next stop -Christmas!


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