"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 4, 2010


We are enjoying our houseful of company.

I've had the fun challenge of adding two more students to my homeschooling days.

Andrew is enjoying his best buddy being here 24/7. The two of them talk 24/7 too.

Unlike Andrew, Joel likes EVERYTHING I cook which makes him a very fun guest.

I'd rather not remember that the rope on our tree swing broke while Joel was swinging on it and that he passed out afterwards because it totally reminds me of the time my nephew fell off the swing and broke his arm. I think it is time to retire that swing, lest I pass out from all the drama it has caused me. Ahh!

We had my BFF's nephew here with us for a few days during this transition time.(he lives with her family) He and my boys had a great time jamming on their instruments and making a "screamo" video. (really hoping he doesn't teach my boys how to sing 'screamo' or I may scream) ; )

Joy went house hunting with Marcie today. She proved that she's her father's daughter when she pointed out that the previous owners totally painted this room of the house themselves and did a bad job of it. (and could explain what they did wrong) How cute is that? And apparently the real estate agent is in need of a painter and asked for her dad's number. LOL

Looking forward to adding their daughter to the houseful this weekend when she flies in. -Joy is counting the days! There has been A LOT of testosterone in this house this week. : )


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